We’ve Launched Our Website!

by | May 28, 2018 | Articles | 1 comment

I launched Mirsha Media in July of 2017, and as is the path for many lean startups, I found that my first use-case assumption wasn’t going to work out. Fast-forward ten months to today and I’m still micro-iterating, but now we’re a team of three and with a good portfolio of work to show off!

Although I conducted most of the company’s online presence through our FacebookTwitterYouTube (and soon) Instagram accounts, I hadn’t made our website.

Today, all that changes. I am very happy to announce the soft-launch of www.mirshamedia.com!

Yes, it’s a bit rough round the edges and to consolidate myself I’m going to consider it as a lean website for a lean startup.

“So what’s so great about the website?” I hear you ask!

Well to start with we have a blog section that talks about what we’re up to including the things that we like to geek out about and other news. Plus, a place where you can be (one of the first people) subscribed to our super-cool newsletter (GDPR regulations applied) plus get a good glimpse into our portfolio!

Have I sold it well enough yet?

Yours truly,

Kosha Hussain, Founder & CEO

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